How to Develop a Crowdfunding App in 2022: A Complete Guide

The process of creating a crowdfunding platform in the form of an app for mobile platforms, typically Android and/or iOS, is referred to as "crowdfunding app development." The most well-known examples in this market include Kickstarter, Crowdfunder, Fundable, and GoFundMe.

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A crowdfunding app enables firms to present their concept to potential venture capitalists and raise money. Depending on the type of crowdfunding they are doing, they may offer different things in exchange for money.

You've come to the right place if you have a great concept for a crowdfunding app but don't know how things work for development. We will go into great depth on how to design a crowdfunding app in this blog article.

So without further ado, let's begin our in-depth discussion on the creation of a crowdfunding app with a quick review of the data and market developments.

Market Overview and Analysis


In 2022, the transaction value in the crowdfunding market will reach US1.02 billion, according to Statista.

Additionally, it is anticipated to increase to $1.15 billion by 2027. The US has the greatest transaction value of $526.4 million among all the countries in 2022. The United Kingdom comes in at number two with $58.34 million and France comes in at number three with $45.65 million.

What are the advantages of developing a crowdfunding app?

The most significant benefit of developing a crowdfunding app is the relatively low cost.

Additionally, it expedites the process of raising the funds necessary to convert a business idea into a reality. Additional advantages of creating a crowdfunding app include:

  • Any startup can start a campaign without having to worry about money. Meeting the financial target is simple and straightforward if the proposal is strong enough to appeal to the correct audience.
  • Crowdfunding is used once the concept has been finalized. It's not the same as MVPs or prototypes. Starting with fewer resources and subsequently scaling up is therefore made simple.
  • Even above and above the bare minimum, the campaign has a higher probability of success if the idea is exceptional. Therefore, businesses can take advantage of the additional funds raised afterward to realize other initiatives and improve the app or platform.

Types of Crowdfunding apps Development

There are numerous types of crowdfunding apps. These are reward-based, peer-to-peer-based, investment, and donation. Let's learn more about each of them individually now:


1.Reward Based Crowdfunding app

This type of crowdfunding app has a rewards system and is targeted toward consumers of the product for which it is being done. The dedication of customers to the company and its mission is strongly related to the success of this sort of crowdfunding.

The benefits that the company will provide can range from pre-launch access and better value to access to an exclusive group. Crowdfunding for rewards is a good choice when the selling pitch is straightforward.

2.Crowdfunding app for investments

This sort of crowdfunding app, also known as equity crowdfunding and crowd-investing, has the straightforward premise of giving investors the company's securities in exchange for money.

It is also the perfect venue for companies wishing to invest in innovative concepts that have the potential to yield enormous long-term profits. They receive a percentage of the stock or equity in the company they are investing in. It is best used by early-stage businesses and startups.

3.Crowdfunding app for donations

The goals for such crowdfunding apps are fairly similar to those of non-profit organizations that seek to address a problem rather than generate revenue.

You need a philosophy that the donors can relate to in order to run a successful donation crowdfunding campaign. Most of this kind of crowdsourcing is related to events. Crowdfunding for donations is most effective for applications and initiatives that aim to advance a social purpose.

4.P2P Crowdfunding app

This kind of crowdfunding app resembles lending more. When you have access to a sizable network that can help spread the word about the mission of your company, it is the best choice. There isn't a formal agreement because you and your staff know the investors personally.

Here, the company must give each donation its undivided attention. Peer-to-peer crowdfunding, in contrast to other types, has a variety of purposes and doesn't have a fixed donation goal. The capital of the investors is repaid to them with interest over time in various installments.

Features Given Proper Priority

Every feature that is added to a platform for crowdfunding app functions differently for administrators, campaign creators, and investors.

Some of them may only be accessible to platform users—campaign creators and investors—while others may only be visible to platform owners. Let's examine each of these qualities individually:

a.Admin Dashboard with Multiple Functions

Administrators may maintain a comprehensive overview of all things, including activities, analytics, tasks, campaigns, and so on, thanks to a fully equipped admin dashboard. A strong crowdfunding app must make it simple for administrators to quickly add users and manage those users with a few clicks.

b.Detailed Reminders and Notifications

A strong notification and reminder system is yet another crucial component of a crowdfunding app. Users can keep track of everything and stay up to date on their transactions thanks to notifications and reminders.

c.Simple Login Procedure

The procedure of logging into a crowdfunding app is another crucial component. It ought to be as brief and efficient as feasible. All users detest apps with cumbersome login procedures.

d.Detailed Campaign Information

The information on the campaign in the crowdfunding app must be accurate. Investors can pick the campaign they want to support in this area. The campaigns can be categorized to make it easier for investors to choose the best ones.

e.Quickly create an account

A crowdfunding app must allow for the addition of two different sorts of accounts: one for admins, or campaign owners, and another for platform owners.

Fast processing is crucial for both sorts of accounts. Give them the opportunity to join using their Google accounts, Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, and other social media profiles as well.

f.Vigorous Profile Management

It must be simple and quick for backers, payees, and owners to add a display photo, bio, name, phone number, and other information.

g.Transactions That Flow Easily

Due to the fact that crowdfunding app focuses on transactions, the transaction flow must be frictionless, and any problems should be reported right away.

h.Outstanding Customer Support

Regardless of the type of crowdfunding app, customer service can make or break the user experience. The crowdfunding app must include a strong customer service feature.

Tech Stack for the Development of Crowdfunding Apps


The underlying technology is essential for creating a successful crowdfunding app. You must therefore Power your app with the newest technologies. The greatest technologies at the moment for creating a crowdfund app are as follows:

  • The user interaction, or the front end of the crowdfunding app, refers to what the user sees and does. Angular, CSS, Java, JavaScript, HTML, Kotlin, React, and Swift can all be used to construct it.
  • The real operations that are hidden from users take place on the crowdfunding app's backend, or client side. Python, NodeJS, and Laravel are popular choices for developing it.
  • Databases like MongoDB and MySQL are needed to store the data, which relates to the campaign owners, contributors, transactions, etc.
  • The two most widely used programming languages for creating crowdfunding applications are PHP and Python.
  • Adobe Illustrator, Balsamiq, and Figma can be used to create the platform's user interface (UI) and user experience (UX).
  • We will use Google Data to determine how well the platform is functioning based on the overall user base, page visits, clicks, CTR, and other crucial analytics.

We Offer Crowdfunding App Development Cost

Creating a cost estimate for the creation of a crowdfunding app is a crucial step in determining whether to proceed or not.

Decodermind estimates this cost to be between $17k and $25k, although it fluctuates depending on a variety of variables, such as the technology used and the area.

Expertise in Mobile App Development at Decodermind

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