Mobile App for Your Wedding Planning Business

A wedding is a life-changing event. As a wedding planner, you must figure out a way for your clients to easily do the things that need to be done in order to plan their beautiful wedding. To make it easier for others, think about all the different aspects of your client’s experience that they need to keep track of. Consider an app that can simplify this and free up your client's energy. In this article, we'll take a look at some of the features that make a mobile app for wedding planning businesses 'out of the ordinary weddings'. We'll also discuss some of the benefits that such an app can bring to your business.

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How Wedding Planning App Work?

Wedding planners may streamline their to-do lists and prevent mistakes with the use of the wedding planning app. The performance and usefulness of the wedding planning app, however, are dependent on the IT company you selected for mobile application development. Additionally, you can decide what features the wedding planning app should include. Customers can connect with a wedding planner through an app, select the service they want, pay online, and receive updates. Additionally, you can create a custom app to manage different departments and receive orders.

Benefits of Wedding Planning Mobile App

A wedding planning App has a lot of advantages for companies that organize events and weddings. Before delving into the specific features, you must incorporate when creating a wedding planning app, you must understand why you require it and the impact it can have on your company.

  • Saves Times:

Saves a massive amount of time as clients and suppliers don't have to phone you every time regarding updates on the wedding plans and payments. Through push notifications, the wedding planning app will update them on the project's status.

  • Increases Your Brand Reputation:

Enhances the legitimacy and image of your brand since clients are more likely to trust a company that has a mobile application. Further, the wedding planning app helps the company to draw clients and grow business past the geographical restrictions of its target market.

  • Better Communication:

wedding planning app gives you the ability to communicate with your clients and suppliers at any time and receive updates on wedding preparation with just one click. You can also respond to consumer inquiries around-the-clock.

  • No last-minute hassles:

Nobody enjoys scrambling at the last minute to make repairs and missing crucial traditions or events. You can improve planning and practically all processes with the aid of the wedding planning app. You only need to mark your tasks completed at the end.

Features of Wedding Planning Mobile App

Let’s take a look at the wedding planning app features:

  • Secure Login/Sign up

After downloading a wedding planning app, the first thing a user should do is create an account by logging in or signing up. This means that customers must be able to rapidly sign up for your wedding planning software using their email addresses, mobile phone number, or active social network profiles.

  • Display potential venues

Based on customers’ choices, you need to select a venue for a wedding event. After the venue candidates are selected and the date is set, other things will start to fall into place. Therefore, you can ease the selection process by providing a full list of all prospective locations within the dream wedding planning app.

Fully imagine how much you can cut down on a venue search. Hypothetically, we can assume that your clients have 5 potential venues in mind. These venues are not all next door to one another, yet to view them, they are generally in separate locations. So, to view these locations, you will have to arrange clinic visits for your clients. Then they have to drive to each one, walk around and meet with different representatives. It is inefficient. Plus, your clients may have to miss work to visit all of these locations. The costs of a wedding are too high to now take time off from work for your clients.

However, a 3D tour will allow your customers to browse through numerous locations in a couple of minutes. Based on their requirements, such as the location, cost, and availability for their selected dates, they can search for a venue. Include a ton of pictures and videos of each location so people can decide and make more informed decisions without needing to make an appointment.

  • Guest List Creation

A guest list is a really difficult undertaking to create. People frequently use a lot of pens and paper on which to manually construct lists. No matter how hard they try, they will almost certainly miss someone. They can add guest names on the move with the use of a wedding planning app.

Making a guest list is quite simple with the app, no matter where your consumer is. They may also sync their contact list and establish guest lists depending on different groupings, such as friends, family, and coworkers. Thus, the capability for creating guest lists is essential.

  • Create Invitations

Allow the users to design original invites after building the guest list. You can enable your own design features in the wedding planning app or use third-party APIs. Users can send these invitations to their guests after designing them. In the epidemic era, digital invitations are a new idea.

  • Organized itinerary

Using the wedding planning app, you can micro-plan the entire wedding schedule. It may enable your clients to prepare for the entire event in advance. Having a perfectly planned, coordinated schedule is crucial if you are arranging a big wedding in accordance with your client's preferences. A well-planned schedule will make it easier for you to communicate clearly with everyone, provide the ideal strategy, and carry a little less weight.

  • Include a calendar feature

Now, you’re going to need a calendar to help your clients plan their events. One of the most important things about setting up a wedding is taking the time to plan it. After all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event that you’re planning. So you need to make sure that it goes off without a hitch. Let’s say that you have a date selected and now you need to map out the details. This is where you’ll need to include a calendar on your wedding planning app. These calendars would include the details of each wedding, such as the time, date, and location. They’ll also provide a link to the wedding site, so your clients can read more information about the date and location. This is a great way to keep your clients updated on the progress of their weddings. Many clients will want to make changes to the event, so a calendar will keep them informed.

  • A detailed list of Vendors

Dealing with various providers as a wedding planner may need you to go back and forth between pages of your guidebook, which is not a practical approach. When this happens, a wedding planning app can save the day.

wedding planning app can include comprehensive information on numerous wedding suppliers for various market segments such as florists, photographers, caterers, wedding bands, etc. You may see all of their contact details, including their names, addresses, client list, budget, and so on.

Therefore, you only need to access your application and give them all the lists when your client asks you to propose a reputable caterer for them within their certain budget. If everything goes smoothly, you can book them directly from your wedding planner app after providing them with all the necessary details.

  • Customized Return Gifts

Making personalized presents for your guests is a thoughtful gesture. You can also provide your clients with a variety of return gift alternatives such as flowers, family photo frames, thank you cards, and through the application. They can choose from the options offered in the wedding planning app or use the wedding planner tool to make a unique present.

  • Push Notifications

Push notifications increase customer engagement and serve as task reminders. Sending alerts enables you to receive notifications regarding tasks like wedding planning, bill-paying, and work advancement. Customers can also receive information on promotions and booking confirmations using it.

  • Real-Time Budget Planning

You know the old saying, “Honey, I shrunk the budget.” This is a similar situation for your clients. They don’t want to spend more than they have to, but they also don’t want to spend too little either. Trying to budget for a wedding is a difficult task. You have to account for every single expense, from the venue to the catering to the flowers. But if you analyze your costs carefully, you might realize that you have some free money to spend. How much money do you have to spend? What other expenses can you save? What are you willing to sacrifice? For example, a couple might not be willing to sacrifice a room at the venue. But they might be willing to sacrifice a few dollars on their catering. If you analyze your expenses closely, you might be able to work out a budget that has a little left over. But you have to do this before you let your clients know what their budget is.

Cost to Develop a Wedding Planner App?

We can tell you how much it will generally cost to design a wedding planning app

Any mobile app's development cost is influenced by a wide range of important variables, and wedding planning apps are no different. So, you must consider the following elements when calculating the cost.

  • UI/UX Design
  • How many features do you want
  • development platform
  • technology used
  • app’s complexity
  • integrations of third-party API
  • size of the development team (back-end and front-end developers)


A wedding consulting business needs an app for both iPhone and Android devices. It provides your clients with immediate access to you so they can get their needs taken care of. The wedding planning app can also be used to keep couples in touch with details about the wedding and connect them with vendors. It should also include a calendar that keeps things organized and serve as a push notification to remind your clients about their appointments. Offering a registry is a great way to get more people to download the app and increase in-app revenue.

An excellent wedding planning app needs to have tools for keeping a guest list and a budget in real-time. Ultimately, an app will make your process more efficient and keep your business relevant in the future. How will you use a mobile app to improve your wedding planning business? For example, you could create a suggested invitation function, while offering faster results and better engagement.

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