What is the Last-Mile Delivery App and its useful features?

Have you ever wondered how these grocery delivery apps are making the delivery in 10 minutes and bringing the delivery business to the next level?

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It's because of last-mile delivery. It doesn't just deliver the order, it delivers quickly.

The last-mile delivery app has proved to be an effective way to manage multi-vendor marketplace apps and changed the pattern of online shopping. Customers receive their online purchases on the same day or within a few hours. This is because of the last-mile delivery app which is used to deliver goods directly from companies to local customers.

To grow your business, you need to keep up with the trends. Last-mile delivery is the latest technology that is cutting edge and helps business owners to grow their businesses.

Last-Mile Delivery App brought a change in the Market:

According to one survey by McKinsey & Company, 25% of the consumers are willing to pay extra for faster or same-day delivery of their order. In order to satisfy the customer's need for urgency; the last mile delivery service is the best platform.

With an unexpected surge in the E-commerce Industry in the last few years as it will reach $5.5 trillion by end of this year and if companies want to provide seamless services to their customers and continue to generate big revenues then they need to develop last-mile delivery apps.

Why Business need Last-Mile Delivery App

We need a last-mile delivery service for all apps, whether they are e-commerce, restaurant, grocery, fresh food delivery or any other delivery apps. This is because these applications assist consumers in receiving orders on schedule. You must consider this if you want to provide consumers with high ease and rapid delivery. We've outlined a few reasons why you should create a last-mile delivery app below:

  1. Keeping track of dispatch information, data tracking, warehouse management, and inventory management is simple.
  2. Proper fleet management aids in the tracking of all fleet routes.
  3. Cargo tracking has gotten more easier with the assistance of NFC and RFID.'
  4. GPS tracking makes it simple to locate a delivery rider.

Top Features of Last-Mile Delivery App:

Typically, a last-mile delivery app is an all-in-one solution that helps to simplify the shipping process for a company. Let's go over some key features that any effective last-mile delivery app should have. You may also personalize your app according to your business needs by contacting a reputable software development company with extensive knowledge in the field.

App has features like:

1. Order Management:

Managing orders from creation through fulfillment and delivery.

2. Cost Estimation:

Predict the cost of shipping ahead of time so you know what to expect in terms of cost.

3. Auto-dispatch:

An Important feature in the last-mile app which aids in quickly allocating duties without the usual paperwork associated with manual order dispatching. The program allocates duties to delivery personnel based on their availability, customer location, and order fulfillment priority.

The automatic dispatch feature eliminates the need for the service admin to assign tasks manually. It will free up time for other vital company tasks. The process is also error-free, ensuring that your orders are fulfilled efficiently.

4. Logistics Management:

If you wish to improve the efficiency of your business operations, then you should include this function as this will aid in determining the simplest and quickest route.

Creating and managing routes for drivers, optimizing deliveries to reduce fuel costs, updating inventory levels, processing returns, and more.

5. Delivery Status Updates:

Customers will receive updates on their order’s status via text or email notifications at every stage of the process - when their shipment is picked up, loaded, shipped, delivered, and scanned in.

6. Intelligent Tracking:

Another important feature to must-have in the last-mile delivery app. As it helps in maintaining transparency by providing a real-time tracking feature to customers. Users can check the status of their delivery or order at any time. They also can check how far the delivery agent is and scheduled accordingly based on ETA. If there is a delay in delivery, they will know it too and adjust accordingly.

In addition, when there are changes to the process, such as unexpected traffic, customers are notified and know exactly where their order is located. This is what customers will experience with this feature.

7. Customer Feedback:

Feedback from customers is very critical If you want to build a strong long-term business relationship.

Ensure that your customer has this facility inside the app to provide pertinent feedback about your delivery services. As it demonstrates the effectiveness of your operation and allows the administrators or backend team to understand how delivery procedures work; allowing for process optimization. Furthermore, enables you to tailor your workflow or guidelines to meet customers’ requirements.

8. Interactive Live Chat:

Your last-mile delivery app should include a simple and easy-to-operate live chat feature that immediately answers consumers’ complaints and any relevant queries. Today customers wanted to be kept up to date with information at all times.

9. Data Analysis:

If you want to get the most out of your last-mile delivery app, you'll need to collect data and perform analytics on it to get information such as delivery agent performance, daily delivery status, successful or failed deliveries, and much more. All of this gives you an overall picture of business as well as clarity and growth opportunities.

10. Integration:

Ensure that your last-mile delivery app is accessible on all devices (mobile, desktop, and tablets) and integrated with both Android and IOS.

Bottom line

A last-mile delivery app is a technology that helps companies to manage the final phase of their supply chain. It can automate many tasks and make the process more efficient and cost-effective. Last-mile delivery apps have become increasingly popular in recent years as they help to streamline many of the tasks involved in getting parcels to their final destinations.

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